Certified Parts


Our range of ACM Certified collision repair parts is manufactured and tested in strict accordance with local and international standards, giving repairers absolute confidence that an ACM Certified Part will match or exceed OEM standards.


Every ACM Certified Part is independently tested by NSF International – a leading automotive parts certification body, ensuring our parts comply with Australian quality, safety and performance standards.


ACM Parts provides a lifetime parts and labour warranty for all ACM Certified Parts.* This means complete peace of mind for repairers and in the unlikely event of a part failing, we’ll pay to remove, refit and paint the replacement part.

Certified Parts
You Can Count On


Quality. Performance. Safety. Dependability. Integrity.
These are the qualities you’ll find in an ACM Certified Part.

  • Limited lifetime guarantee – ‘Fit’, ‘Form’ and ‘Function’
  • Rigorously tested for quality and safety
  • Certified for Australian vehicles
  • Fully comply with manufacturer warranties
  • Cost effective alternative
  • Certified parts test-fitted on vehicles
  • Ongoing testing of certified parts
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The independent certification 
that money can’t buy.

NSF Certified

NSF International is recognised as one of the world’s premier automotive certification organisations. For more than 70 years NSF has been testing, certifying and writing product standards across the world to ensure certified parts meet rigid quality, safety and performance standards.


All ACM Certified Parts are sold with the NSF Certified mark, indicating the product has been tested and approved for quality, fit, form and function and has met the equivalent standard of safety and performance as the OEM part.


For a part to be classified ACM Certified, the part must be made in the same way, with the same materials and be fit to the car in the same way as the original.


ACM Parts was the first to secure exclusive rights in Australia to the NSF Certification standards and we’re proud of our partnership with one of the world’s largest and most respected automotive part certifiers.

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